The DRIVE is compact a light wind board that fits in any travel boardbag. It is like a wind warranty for your next trips. With the DRIVE 139, you will like to enjoy light wind days and be able to improve your tricks while others have no other option than to stay on the beach.

The special Trapezoid 3D Cap has been designed to offer more stiffness on the heel side while maintaining a lot of flex on the toeside for blind tricks. You will have all freestyle options, as the stance is shifted to the heelside of the board.

Compact size for traveling / Improved for freestyle
Wind range and Upwind performances
DRIVE 139, a must-have board to enjoy riding every day.


We started to develop LIGHTWIND boards upon special request of our partners to increase teaching performance and efficiency in kite school business. Todays DRIVE is more than just a teaching board, cause it is very appreciated for its lightwind performance in freeriding.

The convex outline design improves edging and increases the angle to ride upwind. The Double Centre Fin System (DCFS) provides grip and allows to ride with less heel pressure.

Fast glide / Increased upwind performance
Wind range and Upwind performance
THE DRIVE 159, is approved by many Kite-schools
Stable in all conditions
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