Set 4 x 2.0cm fins

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Fin set for hardcore wakestyle twin tip kiteboards.
Recommended for ADVISORY MX wakestyle kiteboard. 
To be used with boots

The set contains 4 x 2.0 cm fins + 4 washers + INOX screws (8). 

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About our Blankforce fins:

Blankforce kiteboard fins are primarily made from a material called G 10 - it's a very dense grade of fibreglass. The advantage of using G10 is that it’s it won’t break - it’s hard wearing and can deal with all kinds of impacts. Salt water does not erode G10 in the slightest!

Why you need kiteboard fins?

Fins are necessary - they are a balanced, streamlined knife shape that give you a perfect fusion of grip and drag - Blankforce kiteboard fins are designed to optimise the abundance of available grip so that you experience the least drag. Blankforce fins are attached to the kiteboard using two stainless M5 steel bolts (5mm thread). The bolt heads countersink into two holes that bare a distance of 38mm. We always provide washer plates with Blankforce fins. The plates balance out the load from the fin and onto the top of the kiteboard.

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