Comparative Table Twintip Kiteboards: 

Comparative Table 2016

Comparative Table Twin Tip Kiteboards 2016 Blankforce Kiteboarding

General settings:

The rocker:

The Rocker is the curve of the kiteboard from end to end. A kiteboard with a higher rocker has a better lift to come out of the water. The kiteboard feels free under your feet and maximizes the freedom of movement and control in all terrain conditions. Too much rocker will cause drag and slow the board down.

The bottom (concave):

Concave describes the curvature of the base of the board from rail to rail and influences the overall kiteboard attitude. The concave is like a channel that canalizes the water flow into the riding direction. The concave gives you a better all over control and is forgiving. All Blankforce Kiteboards have a progressive concave. Nearly every board on the market will have a concave bottom, be it a double concave or a progressive concave to a flat base. You can see the concave in your board by looking at it from the tip down. The main aim of a concave bottom is to allow water to be channeled in a certain direction to allow greater upwind ability and increased speed.

The outline:

Size and performance:

There is no direct correlation between riding performance and kiteboard size, as they are few key points that should be taken into account: the outline, rocker, bottom of each specific board. The final length adjustments will depend on the overall mix.

The length:

A kiteboard with a length between 132 and 137 offers the widest range of possibilities in all-round conditions. A shorter board is more direct and gives a better control in choppy water. As the position of rider’s feet is closer to the tips and edges, the board reacts faster.

The width:

The width determines the all-over characteristics of the kiteboard. The wider the board, the more surface area you get. Today’s shorter but wider kiteboards help the rider to glide earlier and easier also while using a smaller kite. It also allows heavier riders’ to take advantage of using shorter boards.