Blankforce Kiteboarding since 1999.

BLANKFORCE ® was founded in 1999 by Daniel Müller aka Mr. Blank.

Mr. Blank is the sole owner of BLANKFORCE. He is the general manager and he is the designer of all the boards. He started to work in the kitesurfing mecca in Tarifa as a shaper and at that time it was just the very beginning of kiteboarding. 

After starting with a small custom production to cover the special needs of some kiteboarding schools in Germany and the Netherlands, Mr. Blank added new models, revised and raised performance of each board every year. 

“Each model has been designed to be very specific to a riding style. And each style requires some unique attributes which are translated into construction techniques such as variations in flex, shape, rocker and the choice of materials”. 

BLANKFORCE brand philosophy is to specialize in extremely high-quality products.

For the past 20 years we have been intensively dedicated in producing innovative and advanced kiteboards and accessories. We are proud to offer the most performing line of kiteboards on the market today. 

100% Made in Europe

Office and production in Spain and The Czech Republic.

BLANKFORCE is one of the few brands to have chosen to maintain their production and office in Europe. Our office is located in Barcelona Spain while the production line is based in The Czech Republic. 

Being located in Europe allows us to stay in close contact with the manufacturing process and to manage all product and logistic aspects quickly and to offer an outstanding customer service. 

All materials and components are sourced from the best European suppliers to ensure a superior quality of kiteboards and wakeboards.  

“We are able to keep setting new trends in the world of kiteboarding. The feedbacks from our customers, riders, kiteboarding schools and shops are transferred into our products day by day. 

We are very proud to keep up with the demand of unlimited possibilities and improvements”. 

Kiteboards made to withstand a lifetime

BLANKFORCE kiteboards are made to withstand a lifetime. That’s why we use the best materials and industrial technology to make each Blankforce kiteboard a very competitive and durable riding toy.

1. CNC shaped Paulownia wood core

For the core, we do not compromise, and this means that we use wood. It is a very strong material and as it ensures a smooth ride. Paulownia wood is an extremely water-resistant exotic wood that has excellent mechanical properties. It offers the best balance between strength and weight (very light). Thanks to the abundance of natural fibres that are all positioned length wise to the kiteboard, the wood transmits the impulse towards the board edges.

The wood core consists of battens that are assembled and laminated with high pressure to assure the best quality and characteristics. 

2. ABS Rails:

We apply ABS rails to all kiteboards as edges are exposed to impact, like the front and rear bumper of a vehicle. Therefore, we use ISOSPORT ABS battens that are injected with special epoxy resin directly into the Wood Core, building the outline.

3. Infusion Process with FRP (Fibre- Reinforced Plastic):

We use an infusion-process to add the epoxy to the fibers before it reaches the press. This avoids air between the layers and optimizes board performance and durability. The process of infusion and covering the top layer at the same time is an important step of the construction process. We apply this technique to all the BLANKFORCE kiteboards

4. S-Glass and Carbon Layers:

Moreover, we use many different glass and/or carbon layers and combine them to define the flex: 45 degree Bi-axial / Quad-axial S-Glass, UNI Directional, Bi-axial and 45 degree BI-axial carbon layers. 

5. Heating & Press:

The laminated unit with the wood core, glass and carbon fibers, ABS outline, inserts and topsheet is then placed in the aluminium foam that will give the kiteboard its final shape.

The press is heated step-by-step to reach 80 degree for the Glass construction and 95 degrees for the Carbon construction, which uses a different type of epoxy.

Pressure is also adjusted during the backing process in order to eject the abundance of epoxy.

6. Finish

After the press, the kiteboard looks like a rectangle and needs to get back to the CNC machine that will cut the final outline. The rails must be sanded by hand to get the perfect angles. The topsheet protection must be removed, and then the board is ready to pass the quality test.

Spirit of Nature 

BLANKFORCE is a union. Our hands join Nature with High Tech, choosing the Elements and bringing the next shape into life out of the piece of wood we are working on. I t has always been there, growing with the tree. It was brought to us by Nature for helping us to set it free. Thanks to the best choice of natural High-Tech materials, we give the strength to the board, and we dress it with an exclusive colorful design. Now you are the one who releases the energy. Make every move on the board as unique as he is. The union is the magic, from the first shape to your best move.

“I want to thank everybody who is involved, any smile in the chain: from the workers in the factories, to the distributors, the team and the shops who make all this magic possible. Blankforce is just the designing hands who take care of the boards, and pass them into your hands.”

Mr. Blank