Wood Core Blankforce Kiteboarding

Wood Core

The core consists of large battens (1.2cm) of Paulownia wood that are assembled and laminated with high pressure. Wood has excellent mechanical properties due to the abundance of natural fibers that are all oriented vertically to deliver strength from the core to the tips. The wood core enables a very light but strong kiteboard.

ABS Blankforce Kiteboarding

ABS Bumper

The ABS is the best thermo-plastic material for the rails. ABS (from ISOSPORT) is strong and adheres particularly well to epoxy. It works like a protective shield on the kiteboard. All ABS rails are shaped with CNC control to produce a perfect curve.

UV Shield Blankforce Kiteboarding

Protection Shield

The kiteboards are built to be durable. To protect them from scratches and UV sunrays, ultra-light and strong 0,3 mm ABS layers are applied on the top and bottom. This material molds seamlessly to epoxy and it is translucent like glass. The board will always look as good as new.

Torsion Lock Blankforce Kiteboarding

Torsion Lock

The torsion on the length of the kiteboard is blocked by 45 degree S-glass or Carbon sheets, depending on the kiteboard type. This provides more pop, dynamics, and increases the upwind abilities.

3D Top Cap Blankforce Kiteboarding


All BLANKFORCE kiteboards are built with a 3D topside profile that defines the flex in the most efective way. The thinner tips increase the flex meanwhile the strong edge profile gives stiffness in the center.

INOX Inserts Blankforce Kiteboarding

Inox Inserts

V4A is the norm for Stainless Steel to secure resistance against salty water. The base of the inserts are reinforced and has a special hexagonal shape. This will indefinitely maintain the insert position.

Inserts Wakeboard Blankforce Kiteboarding

6 inch Wakeboard Inserts

BBLANKFORCE kiteboards freeride FMX and freestyle kiteboards MK5, ENDURO, ADVISORY have WAKE-BINDING-INSERT_POSITIONS that allow you to ride with boots.

Soft Flex Blankforce Kiteboarding

Soft Flex

Freeride -allround kiteboards like the BLANKFOCE LOGIC have a smooth flex attitude. This helps to control the board in choppy water conditions.

Medium Flex Blankforce Kiteboarding

Medium Flex

Advanced freeride FMX and BLANKFORCE freestyle/wakestyle kiteboards MK5, ENDURO and ADVISORY MX need medium flex. Medium flex provides the best control-pop performance for high jumps and 180-double-step-sliders-moves. The control in choppy water is optimal for advanced riders.

Hard Flex Blankforce Kiteboarding

Hard Flex

Wakestyle kiteboards for unhooked loaded jumps like the BLANKFORCE ADVISORY are provided with stiff shapes. The pop of the board is amazing. We recommend that you use Wakeboard Bindings to maximize the edge control pressure.

S Glass & Carbon Layers Blankforce Kiteboarding

45 Degree Glass &
Carbon layers

45 degree S-Glass or Carbon fiber directions to lock the torsion of Kiteboards.

Unidirectional Carbon Fibers Blankforce Kiteboarding

Unidirectional Carbon
Fiber Layers

Unidirectional fiber layers redirect your force efforts in just one direction. These layers increase the pop of the kiteboards.

Twill Blankforce Kiteboarding

Biaxial Fiber Layers

Biaxial fiber layers that are placed 90degrees next to each other is the most used in the Kiteboard industry. It's good for flex, but its best is to combine these layers with quad-axial or unidirectional layers.

Quadaxial Blankforce Kiteboarding

Quadaxial 2X2 + 2X2
Quadaxial Fiber Layers

Quad-axial fiber layers with 90/90 + 90/90 degree combined to each other are perfect for light to medium flex and improve the general strength of the kiteboard.