• Kiteboarding twintip board BLANKFORCE LOGIC freeride
  • Kiteboarding twintip board BLANKFORCE LOGIC freeride
  • Kiteboarding twintip board BLANKFORCE LOGIC freeride

Kiteboard LOGIC freeride

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The Freeride Kiteboard since 2008. Comfortable, playful and smooth riding in all conditions. Best value for money!

Level: beginners, intermediate to advanced riders.

Price for kiteboard with 4 x 4.8cm fins, washers and INOX screws.

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The LOGIC kiteboard will give you all you need for enjoying your freeride sessions. Whether you are just starting out, the Logic offers full control with medium flextips and a smooth and forgiving ride thanks to the 5mm single concave shaped bottom line.

The wide outline offers great upwind performance for progression and perfect support to increase your jumps.

The LOGIC is built with quadaxial S-Glass layers to ensure an easy flex that eats up the chop and also gives a comfortable ride no matter what the conditions are like.

The LOGIC kiteboard celebrates its 10th year anniversary. Since the very first model in 2008, the board has kept its promise and has increased its performance for jumps.


  • 132 x 40 (40 - 55 kg)
  • 134 x 40 (55 - 65 kg)
  • 137 x 41.5 (65 - 85 kg)
  • 140 x 43 (> 85 kg)


  • Easy riding board for all terrain
  • Very comfortable (medium flex)
  • Great upwind performance and control
  • Easy waterstart
  • Super forgiving
  • For all levels

Technical Sheet:

  • Discipline: freeride
  • Soft Flex
  • Shape: single concave
  • Contruction: S-Glass with Paulownia wood core.
  • Rocker: 3.5 cm
  • Board kg without accessories: 2.5kg (132), 2.6kg (134), 2.7 kg (137), 2.9 kg (140)
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Data sheet

single concave
Paulownia Wood
Soft Flex Blankforce Kiteboarding
Wood Core Blankforce Kiteboarding
ABS Blankforce Kiteboarding
UV Shield Blankforce Kiteboarding
3D Top Cap Blankforce Kiteboarding
INOX Inserts Blankforce Kiteboarding
Quadaxial Blankforce Kiteboarding

Kiteboard LOGIC 2015 - Freeride

For a freeride program, the shape is rather radical with its very straight outline, which is very similar to the MK5. In terms of equipment, the foot straps are a little stiff but the rigging of the feet is secured. Regarding the pads, they are firm with a good cushioning.

On the water, the LOGIC is easy to ride and you immediately feel lot of confidence. Thanks to the immersed rail length, the grip is outstanding in low or high speed, which means good control. It´s top speed is quickly reached, but it is fast enough to make the board playful.
It could show some signs of saturation when we take a good wind burst because it becomes a little unstable, especially in choppy conditions.

Overall, the LOGIC allows you to learn simple jumps or to improve. Essentially freeride, the BLANKFORCE LOGIC kiteboard shows good freestyle abilities thanks to a good pop that, without being explosive, is enough to take off properly.

During landings, the kiteboard damps well while remaining stable. In summary, the LOGIC offers a very good price / quality ratio for its program and is intended for riders of any level.

Test Kiteboard LOGIC Freeride 2015 - www.kiteboarder-mag.com

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Kiteboard LOGIC 2013 - Freeride

In its twin tip range, Blankforce has completely changed the top and bottom shape of the LOGIC kiteboard. For a freeride program, the outline is rather hardcore and more like a freestyle board. At the level of the bottom shape, no frills, it is a simple concave that has been carved. The equipment is identical to the ADVISORY kiteboard, that is to say simple but comfortable, with excellent hold of the feet. Specifically, the sensations are very close to the ADVISORY except it is less fiery because of its classic wood / fiberglass construction. Once you rip out of liquid gravity, the LOGIC kiteboard is very easy to domesticate. It does not take more than some edges to stall on its rails and feel confident. The grip is soft and does not suffer from any floating. Thus, the loading for jumps is clear and without burrs. The pop is logically less expressive than the freestyle board but it is not a noodle either. However, that does mean that you cannot perform your first unhooked raileys without cold sweats. Do not worry about receptions, your back will be safe. In handling, the kiteboard reacts well. The curves are smooth and regular. In lightwind conditions it may be less performant because it is necessary to reach out for wind you’re your kite. In brief, the LOGIC kiteboard seduces with its comfort, ease of navigation and all around behavior in all conditions. A really good toy to learn at a lower cost.

Mr. Blank:

For the 5th generation of freeride kitesurf boards, I wanted to offer a brand new shape. From the first edge, the LOGIC kiteboard feels 100% confident. High allround performance and intuitive handling make the LOGIC the kiteboard with great sensations and will help the rider to progress and enjoy in all conditions. The high-end construction in quad axial S-Glass blocks the twist and is powerfull for loadings and jumps. The flex ensures Freeride sessions even in choppy water conditions. The 140x43 completes the range of the freeride line of kiteboards. Lightwind boards with a wide range of use.

Test Kiteboard LOGIC Freeride 2013 - www.kiteboarder-mag.com

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Kiteboard LOGIC 2012 - Freeride

Blank Force continues to grow within the French kiteboarding scene. The LOGIC is the entry level board intended for beginners right after they finished their kitesurfing lessons. The equipment is simple and not expensive.

The pads-strap set is easy to mount. The straps are easy to adjust and adjusts to the foot shape. With its straight outline and a relatively tight scoop, the LOGIC is very buoyant which helps during waterstart or to pass the wind holes. This is the type of board that does not require performing any edge to stall. The landmarks are very easy to take. One can lean without a second thought on the rail to make a U-turn. When leaving the turn, you have to press again and you feel that the board accelerates again. The maneuverability is correct but we feel that the board sticks a little on the water while passing in toeside or blind. We must give a frank impulse to mitigate this phenomenon. In unhooked freestyle, pop is enough to learn the basics. During receptions, the LOGIC dampens all the shocks and it stays well in the axis.

The Blank Force is also reassuring for its control. The board is healthy on its rail because if we release the pressure on the heels, the board will not slip. The accelerations are quite sharp but the top speed is quickly reached. Therefore, we will always have the upper hand. In summary, the LOGIC is an excellent board to start and progress. One of the best quality-price ratio of the market.

Test Kiteboard LOGIC Freeride 2012 - www.kiteboarder-mag.com

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Kiteboard LOGIC 2009 - Freeride

Newly introduced in France during 2009, Blankforce offers kiteboards at an unbeatable price. Surprisingly the equipment is rather correct. We could have expected some belts for the straps and cardboard for the pads. But lets speak about performance. The freeride oriented shape is not that revolutionary. The outline is rounded, compact and the scoop is progressive. The shape has a concave along the length that brings comfort. The glide and the grip are good. Everything is easy to do and smooth. In short, a nice board with good attitude for future improvement.

Test Kiteboard LOGIC Freeride 2009 - www.kiteboarder-mag.com

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Super smooth on choppy water!

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