Kiteboard MK5 freestyle

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Pure freestyle kiteboard for high speed and powerful jumps.
For advanced to expert riders.

Price for complete kiteboard with HD combo bindings + 4 x 3.5 cm fins + washers + handle + INOX screws. 
Embedded inserts for boots (wakeboard).

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For competition Riders it's very important that the kiteboard works in all wind and sea conditions, as each freestyle competition takes place at a different spot. That´s why we focused on new materials and a special design on the outline.

The V bottom shape of the kiteboard contributes to faster accelerations and to maximize the jump altitude. It gives more time for the riders to execute tricks.
The side channels are stretched from tip to tip to increase the upwind performance so you can ride back to the starting line in less time.

The biggest innovation is the kiteboard new edge design with bevels: more comfort even with a stiff carbon center.

The MK5 is truly an amazing kiteboard, everybody can ride it, from medium to advanced or expert level.

You will feel the difference of the MK5 freestyle kiteboard from the first ride. It's a must have for a perfect quiver!
It comes with embedded inserts for boots.

Videos (Youtube):

Kiteboard MK5 with BLANKFORCE Teamrider Cicero in Brazil

Kiteboard MK5 with BLANKFORCE Teamrider Antonin Rangin in Cape Town, South Africa


"It is a kiteboard that requires some precision to exploit it thoroughly. I can feel a certain floating under the heel side but during loading before the jump, I realized that it has all you need, and even better, I' ve got a very good pop and a lot of speed. "
Source : Test Kiteboarder-mag France 2015: BLANKFORCE MK5 kiteboard


  • 134 x 40 (40 to 70 kg)
  • 138 x 41.5 (70 90 kg)

Technical Sheet:

  • Discipline: freestyle
  • Medium Flex
  • Shape: V-shape channels with bevels technology
  • Construction: Carbon + Beech-Paulownia wood core
  • Rocker: 4 cm
  • Board Kg without accessories: 2.5 kg (134), 2.6 kg (138)

Data sheet

V shape
double channel
Beech - Paulownia

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