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Kiteboard DRIVE 139 lightwind

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Light wind performance kiteboard (from 10 knots). Fits in any travel boardbag. Great upwind ability.
For all levels.

Price for complete kiteboard + STD bindings + 4 x 4.8 cm fins + washers + handle + INOX screws.

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The DRIVE 139 is a pocket-sized kiteboard with 46cm width and only 139cm length. It fits into any travel boardbag and will be accepted by all airlines if you have to travel and are not sure about the wind conditions of your holliday kitespot.

The DRIVE pocket-sized kiteboard is the best board to take with you to make sure you can ride every day during your kite trip.

The DRIVE kiteboard is large enough to not struggle upwind and small enough to be effective in performing jumps and freeride.

The 3D trapezoidal top cap offers more stiffness on the heel rail than on the "toeside" for more comfort in the chop.
The outline is very straight to easily ride upwind.
The inserts are shifted towards heel side so that the weight is moved towards the rail, which improves the range of use, also in more substancial winds.
Thanks to the 40 mm scoop of 4 mm concave, you will be able to ride in any conditions.

This board is a must-have to ride every day even on difficult kitesurf spots, with less wind along the shore.


  • 139 x 46


  • Compact size for travelling (fits in any boardbag)
  • Wide wind range (from 10 knots)
  • Great upwind performances
  • Very light kiteboard
  • Must-have board to enjoy riding every day

Technical Sheet:

  • Soft-Medium Flex
  • Scoop: concave
  • Construction: Trapezoidal 3D top cap + S Glass + Paulownia wood core
  • Board kg without accessories: 2.9 kg
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Data sheet

Light Wind
single concave
Paulownia Wood