Wakeboard DIMENSION PARK cable wakeparks BLANKFORCE
  • Wakeboard DIMENSION PARK cable wakeparks BLANKFORCE
  • Wakeboard DIMENSION PARK cable wakeparks BLANKFORCE


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Smooth and responsive wakeboard for cable wakeboarding for 100% control on sliders and kickers.
High performance wakeboard with deep channels for obstacles and invert tricks.
Resistant with Everslick Grindbase

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For those who are looking for a smooth and responsive cablepark wakeboard, the DIMENSION will offer you the best underside for perfect control through sliders and kickers.

Hit the cable park and you’ll see why the DIMENSION is a top choice for all riders at all levels! For high performance for obstacles and invert tricks.

The streamline shape itself has 2 channels on either side that run from the centre in-between the bindings, and 4 progressive channels on the tips.

The grip and control are astonishing. Chose your line and focus with your eyes - the board will simply flow with your vision.

The DIMENSION wakeboard's Wood-core / S-Glass Construction keeps it loose on the water and springy and responsive on rails.

The 3D shaped rail sidewalls and Everslick Grind base makes it ultra-durable and resistant for park riding. It’s been tested tough and built to last. The rest of the wakeboard is absolutely flat, this allows it to provide the maximum surface for sliding all the way along the park rails, sliders and kickers.

The shape is simply ideal and versatile to ride in all kind of parks. The flex is enough to make riding rails a total blast but rigid enough to maintain its pop for half loads and air tricks. The DIMENSION wakeboard is very light under the bindings and allows more speed into rotations and more response for all tricks.

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Press Flex System
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