Wakeboard DIMENSION PRO 100% carbon for cable wakeparks BLANKFORCE
  • Wakeboard DIMENSION PRO 100% carbon for cable wakeparks BLANKFORCE
  • Wakeboard DIMENSION PRO 100% carbon for cable wakeparks BLANKFORCE

Tabla Wakeboard DIMENSION PRO

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The professional wakeboard DIMENSION PRO for cable wakeboarding. Carbon construction, deep channels and huge grip.
100% slider control and massive pop! With Ever Slick Grindbase

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The DIMENSION PRO is like it's name already says, a wakeboard for professional levels.

The shape has really deep but smoothed out (rounded) channels on the heel and toe side that deliver an incredible grip and good comfort to keep the best body position on the board.

The tips have been improved with rounded channels that give a sensation of fins grip in the water that disappear on sliders with full nose and tail control. All combined with a super flat centre, that slides like hell, and with the ever slick grindbase that makes it fantastic at a pro level.

Every corner, kicker and obstacle will be yours for the taking. It let’s you progress rapidly and become more and more daring. You won’t want to rest.

The construction is also high-end with a wood-core and has a full 100% carbon top and bottom construction. It gives you springs through invert tricks and much better control on the nose and tail flex throughout sliders as well.

The DIMENSION PRO has a trustworthy design you can count on when setting a rail or coming down for a big landing.

If you think your current board is reaching it's limit and you would like to be able to go further and improve your wakeboarding career, the DIMENSION PRO will be your next step!

Build up your energy, experience the performance and feel the excitement!

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