“Same name but new shape and new construction for the Carbon Advisory, the Blankforce freestyle board.

The bindings (pads / footstraps) is simple and keeps

your feet perfectly, (Foot devient Feet) with the added bonus of very comfortable pads with a good grip. From the first meters on, you feel that the board is comfortable to navigate. It glides smoothly over all types of water surfaces. Under the pads, the proper construction makes the board nervous and playful without excessive stiffness. Even in tight choppy Tarifa conditions, the advisory amazed you by its ability to move fast without bouncing.

This property allows Advisory to be placed among the best freeride boards. The smooth grip is really flawless. With this feeling above the water, it’s just waiting for your progress.
Whatever happens, this board gives the right confidence. The Control is excellent also in over-power conditions. In freestyle use, there are all the ingredients to grow or improve.
The spring effect for jumps is impressive even without pressing the edge like a hungry beast.
The shocks during receptions are well amortized. In turn, the curves are smooth, with a supersonic outflow. The only weak point (far from being detrimental) would be a slight saturation in top speed.
In summary, the 2013 Advisory is amazing ease to ride, playfull and with healthy behavior ,
it excels as much in freeride as in freestyle.Advantages: Comfortable, accessible, playful, versatile, promising, grip, pop.
Inconvenience: -nothing-
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